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Solar PV Panels

Who can have solar panels in Spain?

If you own your own roof or outside space where your solar panels will be placed you can generate your own electricity with solar panels in Spain. If you live in a community you may need to get the permission of the community first.

What are the taxes on solar panels?

The infamous ‘sun tax’ was abolished in October 2018 meaning that there are no longer any unfair taxes applied to those who wish to generate their own electricity using solar energy. You will need to pay IVA on the cost of the installation and the regular taxes on electricity if you draw any additional electricity from the National Grid.

How do photovoltaic panels work?

Each solar PV panel is made up of photovoltaic cells. When the sunlight hits the cells, electrons are knocked loose. Those loose electrons then flow, creating a current and the current is captured and transferred to your distribution board via an inverter.

Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?

Solar panels require very little maintenance, just periodic light cleaning to remove dirt, leaves and other debris that could block the sun’s rays.

How much do solar panels cost?

The price of a solar panel installation will vary depending on the size of the installation. At Mariposa Energía we will analyse your typical energy consumption and available space for panels and prepare a tailor-made proposal to meet your needs.

Can I get money for any surplus electricity I produce?

Yes, you can. You can sell the surplus you produce to the National Grid. We take care of this for you.

How will I know that my solar panels are producing electricity?

You will be given access to an App where you can monitor your energy production and usage from anywhere in the world.

Will I still need to pay an electricity bill?

Your solar panels will only generate electricity during daylight hours, so during the night you will need to draw electricity from the National Grid. However, your electricity bill will be only be a fraction of what you would be paying without solar panels. If you want to go completely ‘off-grid’ you can install a battery to store the electricity you generate throughout the day, for use during the night.

Should I have a battery with my solar installation?

If you consume a lot of electricity during evening and nighttime hours, a solar battery could be a good option for you. With a solar battery you can store up the electricity your solar panels produce during the day, for use during the evening and night, when your solar panels are not producing electricity.

How long will it take to see a return on investment with my solar panel installation?

Typically, our clients find their solar panel installation has paid for itself in just a few years. At Mariposa Energía when we make a proposal we will forecast your savings over a 20-year period so you will be able to see how long it will take to realise a return and how much money your solar panels will save you in the long run.

Why do homeowners typically choose to install solar panels?

The huge cost savings that solar panels provide is the obvious answer but there are also other reasons.

Soaring electricity costs – the wholesale cost of electricity reached record levels in 2022, prompting a spike in interest in solar energy. Solar panels allow homeowners to take greater control over the cost of their electricity.

Reducing carbon footprint – climate change is a huge problem we are facing globally and fossil fuels, traditionally used to produce electricity, are one of the main contributing factors to global warming. By installing solar panels, homeowners can reduce the tonnes of CO2 emissions that are pumped into the atmosphere, reduce their carbon footprints and help to protect the future of the planet.

Flexibility – In June 2021, by Royal Decree, new tariffs came into effect with peak periods during the daytime and off-peak periods at night, at the weekend and on public holidays. Many people want the flexibility of being able to use high consuming appliances, like the dishwasher and washing machine during the day and with solar panels you can do just that.

Adding value to the property – a solar installation can add value to your property when you come to sell it and for many people this is an important factor.

Energy Switch

Can anyone switch their energy supplier?

Yes. All businesses and households in Spain have the option to switch their electricity supplier. While the process is still relatively new in Spain, the option to change energy company has been around in countries like the United Kingdom for more than 15 years and people regularly switch suppliers to get the best deal.

What are the benefits of switching electricity supplier?

Cheaper electricity bills. At Mariposa Energia we aim to save you money on your electricity bill by offering cheaper energy. We will take a copy of a recent electricity bill and calculate how much you would have saved if your electricity had been supplied by Mariposa Energia. What’s more, our electricity is also green energy from renewable and sustainable sources. So you will also be helping the environment and lowering your carbon footprint.

Do I need new electricity cables or a new electricity box?

No. There is no need to change any of your existing equipment. You won’t even notice the switch has occurred ….until you start receiving cheaper electricity bills.

Do I need to notify my existing electricity company?

No. We take care of the whole process. All you need to do is tell us you want to go ahead and we handle everything for you.

What is the process for changing my electricity company to Mariposa Energia?

The process is simple. Simply send us a recent electricity bill and we will calculate how much you could have saved with Mariposa Energia. Then all you need to do is tell us you want to Switch to Mariposa Energia and we will take care of the whole process. It really is easier than flicking a switch.

How long does it take to switch electricity supplier?

In the vast majority of cases it takes just a matter of days to switch over after you tell us you are ready to start.

What is green energy?

Green energy is energy that comes from renewable and sustainable sources, such as wind farms and solar energy. By choosing green energy you can lower your carbon footprint and help to protect and conserve the future of our planet.

How will I be charged for my electricity?

Your electricity will be charged on a monthly basis

How will I receive my electricity bill?

As part of our commitment to preserving our planet, your monthly invoices will be sent to you electronically by email.


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