When it comes to deciding whether or not to include batteries in your solar installation it really comes down to your individual circumstances, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve from your solar panel installation.

Batteries for solar panels used to be expensive, which is why in the early days most people opted for a standard solar panel installation. But now the cost has come down considerably, making it a much more cost-effective solution.

So, what is the difference and what is the benefit of including batteries?

Solar panels generate electricity during daylight hours and the more sun, the more electricity they produce. That’s why Spain is the perfect location for solar panels. With more than 360 days of sun per year a solar panel installation in Spain will produce a high level of electricity.

The results can be seen in the savings that solar power users realise, particularly in comparison to other European countries with fewer sunny days and fewer daylight hours.

With a standard solar installation, electricity needs to be drawn from the grid during the night, when the solar panels are not producing electricity. If surplus solar electricity is generated during the day this can be sold back to the National Grid so this can offset some of the cost of drawing the electricity. To what extent will depend on the amount of surplus electricity produced during the day and the amount consumed during the night.

With batteries the electricity generated during the day can be stored up and used during the night. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are not at home during the day but tend to consume a lot of electricity during the night.

At Mariposa Energía we provide all our clients with a solar app, which shows how much solar power is being generated and how much electricity is being consumed at any given time. The app can be used from anywhere in the world so even if you are overseas you can still see exactly how your solar panels are performing.
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