Only one earth is a collective calling, as part of World Environment Day (June 5th), for transformative action to celebrate, protect and restore our planet. There are billions of galaxies in the universe and billions of planets in our galaxy but there is only one earth and we need to take care of it on both a global and local scale.

According to the UN, the earth is facing a triple emergency:

  • The planet’s temperature is rising too quickly for people and nature to adapt
  • An estimated one million species are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss
  • Pollution continues to poison our air, land and water

By making sustainable living the default option we can all do our bit to take care of our planet before it’s too late and what better day to start than World Environment Day.

What you can do to help protect our planet

Recycle more – even though recycling is not obligatory in Spain you will find recycling bins in most streets for paper, glass and plastics and in some locations even for clothes. If you live in a house you can also consider making your own compost from the organic waste from your house and garden. Did you know you can even compost tea bags?

Source locally and responsibly grown produce wherever possible – if your food doesn’t have to travel so far you will help to cut down on your carbon footprint. Plus, your produce is likely to be fresher.

Conserve water – being mindful of how you use water will help to protect the planet. There are some simple steps you can take, such as turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, avoid using the toilet as a bin for tissues, take shorter showers and only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load.

Make the move to electric vehicles – next time you need to buy a new car, consider making the move to an electric vehicle or a hybrid. Charging points are becoming more commonplace in many towns and cities and if you opt for a hybrid vehicle you do not need to charge it at all.

Change to green energy from sustainable and renewable sources – one of the most effective changes you can make is to move to green energy. This reduces the levels of carbon dioxide that are pumped into the atmosphere – one of the biggest contributing factors to climate change.

At Mariposa Energía we offer two great green energy options:

Energy switch – switch to our cheaper, 100% green energy tariffs and you will be helping to save the planet, while also saving money. The process is literally as easy as flicking a switch, there’s no need for any new equipment or for any work to be done at your home.

Solar PV Panels – demand for solar panels in Spain is on the rise as, not only do they help to save the planet, they are also an incredibly good investment for your home. The process of installing and using solar panels is incredibly easy and at Mariposa Energía we take care of everything for you, including the registration paperwork.