While the ability to switch energy providers is not widely known about in Spain, businesses and households in others countries, such as the UK, have been switching electricity suppliers for many years and often shop around for the best deal on their energy tariff.

At first, the idea of switching provider may seem like a hassle and you may think that there would be a lot of work involved. But actually it is a lot more easy than you may think.

When you tell us that you want to switch energy supplier we simply make the switch at the source and send our electricity down the same cables to you. Nothing else changes. There is no need for any new electricity cables or equipment and no work has to be done, we don’t even have to send anyone out to your home or business.

The only change you will notice is that you are billed by your new electricity provider. And, if you switch with Mariposa Energía that energy bill will be substantially cheaper.

We are committed to providing cheaper electricity bills to our customers as well as making those bills easy to understand so you know exactly how much energy you have consumed and how much it costs.

Before any of our customers decide to make the switch we always analyse a recent energy bill from their current provider and calculate the saving they will make when they switch with Mariposa Energía.

The analysis of the bill is completely free and there is never any obligation to go ahead after receiving our quote. Although most of the people who request a quote usually do decide to switch when they see how much money they will save.

What’s more, all the energy we provide is certified 100% green, coming exclusively from Spanish wind farms so when you switch with Mariposa Energía, not only will you receive cheaper energy bills, you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.

Contact us today and take the first step to enjoying cheaper electricity, with the added benefit of knowing you are helping to save the planet.