Benefits of solar panels

The solar revolution is sweeping across Spain and it’s no surprise when you consider the huge benefits a solar installation has to offer. Let’s take a look at the three main benefits that are prompting homeowners and businesses to install solar panels.

Save money

First and foremost, solar panels will save you money. By generating your own electricity you will be free from the fluctuating wholesale energy prices and be able to make substantial savings on the cost of electricity, not just in the short term but in the long term.

Of course, there is the initial cost of the solar installation but, due to the savings, most people find that their installation has paid for itself in just a few years.

Add value to your home

A solar installation can actually increase the resale value of a property. While the amount can vary, based on the property and the installation, the latest research suggests that a solar installation will increase a property’s value by an astounding 4.1%

Help to save the future of the planet

By installing solar panels you will be saving hundreds, if not thousands, of tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into our atmosphere. Solar power is one of the cleanest sources of electricity and it doesn’t pollute our planet like traditional fossil fuels do. What’s more it, it’s completely renewable. As long as the sun continues to shine there will always be a plentiful source of solar energy.


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    What type of installation is right for you?

    A standard installation

    Install solar panels, generate electricity during daylight hours, sell any surplus you generate back to the grid and draw electricity from the grid during the night.

    Solar panels and a batteries

    Opt for a solar panel installation with batteries and you can store up the electricity you generate during the day for use during the night.

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