For those who can remember the popular 1970s sitcom, The Good Life, Felicity Kendall and Richard Brier’s characters exchange modern commercial living for a life of complete self-sufficiency, growing their own food and producing their own electricity.

The ideal of being self-sufficient may be appealing but often the reality is not so appealing, especially if you follow Tom and Barbara Good’s methods of digging up the front lawn in favour of a vegetable patch and attempting to generate electricity using methane from animal waste.

Fortunately today there are far easier ways to take a step towards self-sufficiency, without the need to make sweeping changes to your day-to-day life or being knee-deep in animal waste. Thanks to the removal of Spain’s infamous ‘sun tax’ it’s now possible to generate your own electricity from solar panels on the roof of your home. What’s more, if those solar panels produce more electricity than you consume, you will even get paid for the surplus you supply to the National Grid.

Instantly reduce your electricity bill

Straight away you will notice a huge reduction in your electricity bill and depending on how much energy you consume you could even find that your self-sufficiency efforts result in a payment for any surplus energy you supply to the National Grid.

Help to save the future of the planet

Installing solar PV panels not only saves your wallet, it also helps to save the future of the planet. Solar energy is one of the cleanest ways to generate electricity. There are no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming. Plus, it’s a renewable and sustainable source of energy. As long as the sun continues to shine there will always be a ready supply of solar energy.

Remote satellite survey

The survey of your roof can be carried out completely remotely using highly accurate satellite technology, removing the need for workmen clambering over the roof and saving you the inconvenience of arranging to be in the property while the survey is done.

Full installation and registration

The team will take care of the whole installation process, along with the registration of the solar panels and all the paperwork.

20-year fully comprehensive guarantee

The solar PV panels come with a 20 year fully comprehensive guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time and there will be no costly surprises in the future. The team will take care of any maintenance that is required, although you will be surprised at just how little maintenance solar panels require.

Low-cost financing options

We also offer attractive and low-cost financing options to help you spread the cost of the solar panels.

Discover more about solar PV panels or contact us today and one of our friendly team will be able to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.