Hospitality Industry – Special Offer

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and bars) has very high electricity consumption. At Mariposa Energía we recognise the need to help you reduce your fixed overheads. We are offering the hospitality industry a unique facility whereby we pass on directly to you, our client, lower electricity costs as energy prices fall.

Switch your energy supplier to Mariposa Energía and benefit from:

  • Cheaper electricity bills
  • 100% green energy

Contact us today and discover how you can slash the cost
of your electricity bill for your hotel, restaurant or bar.

Discover how much you can save

Contact us today and we will show you how much you can save when you switch with Mariposa Energía.

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How it works

Switching to Mariposa Energía couldn’t be any easier. There’s no need for new cables, electrical boxes or any other work to be done. It is literally easier than flicking a switch. You won’t even notice it has happened – until you receive your first cheaper bill from us!

Send us a recent energy bill and we will calculate how much you can save.

Tell us you want to switch.

Start enjoying cheaper energy bills.

100% Green Energy

Not only do we supply cheaper electricity, we also supply environmentally friendly electricity. All the energy we provide is certified by the CNMC* as being 100% green energy from renewable and sustainable sources. Help to protect our planet and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while saving money.

*The Comisión Nacional De Los Mercados Y La Competencia, an entity that promotes and defends proper functioning of all markets, in the interest of consumers and businesses.

Why choose us?

Apart from the fact we can save you money and help you reduce your company’s or your private residence’s carbon footprint.

• Bills that are simple and easy to understand
• Outstanding customer service
• Local point of contact

Contact us today to find out more and discover how much you can save on your electricity bill with Mariposa Energia.

Client testimonial

At last I am happy with an electricity provider…. Easy to understand invoice, local, and a saving of 22% on my electricity bill.



Client testimonial

“My business consumes a lot of electricity….we have a showroom,offices and warehouse. Mariposa Energia reduced my costs by 16%!! We have a strong sustainability policy…using renewable energy ,reducing our carbon footprint and saving money ticks all the boxes.”



Client testimonial

“I have been delighted with the way Mariposa Energia handled the change of electricity supplier. Not only have we reduced our electricity bills significantly, but also we are now using 100% green energy.”



Contact us

Want to find out more about Mariposa Energía and
how the process works? Contact us today and one of the team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have. Plus, we’ll be able to show you just how much we can save you when you switch your energy provider to Mariposa Energía.

Discover how much you can save

Contact us today and we will show you how much you can save when you switch with Mariposa Energía.

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